Before setting up your experiment or course practical please be aware of ongoing field research at Silwood Park grounds.  The following list included marks and tags used by long and short-term experiments.

 colour-coded rod Nash's Field, Rookery slope, Heron's Brook Meadow, Church field, Oak wood meadow. See the iron rods map (PDF, 650KB)  LTE: Nash's Field (plots K-S) & NutNet  Permanent  Colour-coded metal rods marking plots location
Nash's Field post  Nash's Field LTE: Nash's Field (plots K-S) 
Permanent Wooden posts mark the corners of unfenced plots
 nest box Several around Silwood Park LTE: Monitoring of Blue tits nesting behaviour Permanent Nest boxes
 artificial pond Pound Hill Field LTE: Pond mesocosm Permanent  Artificial ponds 
 tree marks Several around Silwood Park  LTE: Monitoring of Blue tits nesting behaviour & mouse project  Permanent Metal and plastic tags on trees
 tape Several around Silwood Park LTE: Monitoring of Blue tits nesting behaviour  Permanent Tape around tree trunks
 flag Nash's Copse LTE: Mouse project  Permanent  Flag
fences Around Silwood LTE: Nash's Field (plots K-S), (plots A-F) & NutNet, Rabbit exclosuresPound Hill disturbance timing experiment  Permanent Wire mesh
 trap station Nash's Copse LTE: Mouse trapping network used by former Mouse project  Permanent Wooden box set as trap shelter
sample Nash's Field  LTE: Nash's Field (plots K-S)  Temporary Leaf litter bags, lollipop sticks, plastic vials, etc.
catterpillar Around Silwood Bird predation  Temporary Modelling clay caterpillars
pitfall Hill bottom, Silwood bottom Beetle diversity Temporary Pitfall traps
LTE = Long-term experiment
Summary of the table's contents

 Please contact us with any question about these marks or experiments.