You can restrict access to who can view your pages or files. You may want to do this for a number of reasons, including stopping search engines from indexing some of your pages or working within licensing restrictions. Follow the guidance below.

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Restrict access to your pages

  1. Click the t4 logo on the top left to view your site structure;
  2. Find the page you want to restrict access to, hover over the yellow drop down button and click 'Modify section';
  3. Click the tab that says 'Access'.  It is the final tab.  You may have to click a 'right arrow' if your screen is not wide enough;
  4. Put a tick in the box that says, 'Restrict Access'.  A list of groups will appear;
    • Staff only: If you want to restrict your page visibility to staff users only, put a tick in the 't4-test-ic-staff' box.  This is the group which restricts the content to staff only.  This includes temporary, contracted and honorary members of staff.
    • Staff and students: If you want to restrict your page to staff and student access put a tick in the 't4-imperial-users' box.  This is for anyone who as an active Imperial login.
  5. Make sure you have ticked one box only;
  6. Click 'Update'.

This will restrict access to the page and all its sub-pages (children).

A screenshot of the access tab on the page properties
A screenshot of the access tab

Always test that the restriction is in place by publishing you page and viewing it on staging.  You will be prompted for login credentials if you are not already logged in.  If you are not prompted, try copying the staging URL into a different browser - your usual browser may be implicitly logged in.  Contact your Faculty Web Officer if you continue to have problems.


  • Access controls will cascade downwards the branch.  In other words, any sub-pages will be restricted automatically where the parent page has been set as restricted.

Restrict access to documents and files

If you want to restrict access to some files, upload them to the Internal folder in your Media Library area. This may need to be set up.

Before you use this internal folder for the first time it will need to be activated by your faculty web officer.